Brand Partnership Intensive

The Ultimate 4-Hour Crash Course That Covers Everything You Need To Know About Landing Partnerships & Working with Brands!

What's Included in the Brand Partnership Intensive?

We've worked on hundreds of brand partnerships and are giving you an INSIDE LOOK at what it takes to be successful! We'll walk you through the entire brand partnership process from A to Z so you'll feel confident when working with brands and be set up for success!

  • Video 1: Brand Partnership Basics
    Learn the key fundamentals of brand partnerships that will ensure you're set up for long-term success when pitching and working with brands.
  • Video 2: Understanding your Value
    We walk you through understanding your value so you know how to position yourself when pitching to brands and will feel confident during the negotiation process.
  • Video 3: Social Media/Standing Out
    We share ways to improve your content, increase your engagement and grow your following so you can stand out from the crowd.
  • Video 4: Pitching to Brands
    Learn how to create an effective pitch, how brands evaluate working with an influencer or content creator and the pitching materials you need to seal the deal.
  • Video 5: Partnership Negotiations
    Understand what you need to do once a brand says "yes!" From rates to negotiation tactics to payment terms, you'll feel more confident than ever!
  • Video 6: Executing Partnerships
    We dive deep into the creative process and everything you need to know about creating content that brands will be excited about!
  • Video 7: Delivering the Content
    Learn everything you need to know after the shoot is complete. From the brand approval process to billing to reporting, we cover this process from A-Z.
  • Video 8: Leveraging Partnerships
    We walk you through leveraging a brand partnership so you can set yourself up to get future work and be able to collaborate with even more brands!